Volkswagen Gol 2013

Volkswagen Gol 2013

Much like the Polo, the Volkswagen Gol 2013 was presented as updated Salone di San Paolo . For those not familiar, this is a small car that the German house sells for many years on the market of South America: Due to the successes collected from the model (which is contended for some time the distinction of best-selling car in Brazil with the Fiat Uno), the house of Wolfsburg develops and continually improves the Goals, in order to make it more attractive to customers in these areas. The latest update is precisely what has been unveiled at St Paul’s, where the Volkswagen Gol is shown in a new guise , which makes it similar to the very Volkseagen Polo European Union. The car was shown to the public by Thomas Schmall, President and CEO of Volkswagen Brasil as a special guest of the event was also the player Neymar.

As you can see from the pictures, the Volkswagen Gol 2013 has a typical Volkswagen front with horizontal light clusters and the bottom browned. A thin black mask joins the two headlights, while in the horizontal trend is the air intake on the bumper. The traditional side, which does not have significant elements. The latter keeps the headlights similar to those of the previous version of the VW Gol, while the rest of the style is always simple and rational. That’s the secret of his success: a nice online and daring, which has sold well 7 million units in 25-year career .

While the look is not particularly different from that of the Volkswagen Polo, once boarded the Goals, we realize that we are talking about a car more economic utilitarianism European Union. In fact, the range Volkswagen of South America is less polished than the European Union, in order to focus on list prices more competitive. Dashboard and door panels are made of hard plastic and looking quite cheap, while the style is very simple. The radio with its glossy black finish can make it a little ‘nicer center console. With the introduction of the renewed, debuted on the market also the three-door version (which you can see in the images of the gallery), but under the hood there will be a 1.0 Flex bi-fuel from 76 horses and a more generous 1.6 liter.

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