Toyota ProAce: The New Van for Sale at The End of 2013

Toyota ProAce: The New Van for Sale at The End of 2013

After having published the news in the world of commercial vehicles with electric propulsion, let’s now talk about the new Toyota ProAce : it is a van ready to debut in the next 2013. The dimensions are those of the Fiat Scudo , for example, or just staying in the field of electrical, e-NV200 Nissan .  The intention from the start that Toyota brings to the fore is that this van has to correspond to the standards and what the European public search from a van.  The alternatives of choice for the public will be substantially those typical for almost a van: you can choose fact in the configuration with length greater than the standard height or with increased always precisely than “classic”.

These different configurations , all chosen by the customer will result clearly also load volumes that will be varied between five and six right up to seven cubic meters just to try to win as many customers as possible in this area. After having revealed the flow in cubic meters maximum load, we now turn to the heaviness of the load that the new Toyota ProAce can carry, they speak well of 1,200 kg and its towing capacity reaches even up to 2,000 kilograms. The compartment is accessible, as for almost all vehicles used to load goods from the rear, where you can choose between the door hinge and double doors opening to 270 degrees, or even sideways, brought about by the sliding doors: of course, one on each side.  configurations do not end here though. In list you can also choose models with a single sliding side door and you can have the room “closed” or windowed or even double cab.

As you can see from the pictures we show that officers of the medium, stands before a very large windscreen which then allows a large field of view . The equipment inside is enough especially for the task that the ProAce covers: one speaks of the power windows, central locking system with remote control, manual air conditioning, stereo system with integrated Bluetooth for, the exterior mirrors electric and heated, then the cruise control system and the steering adjustment to contribute to the safety factor.

Going further increase in useful devices for active and passive safety of the driver and occupants, we also find the system ABS with electronic brake-force distribution, stability control referred to as VSC and daytime running lights DRL. Among the optional choice of the purchaser are the system VSC + useful precisely to ensure maximum adherence even in difficult driving conditions such as those found on wet roads, for example, icy or snowy.

The list engine is not very wide but it is quite essential. There is talk of two engines both comply with Euro 5, both are diesel-powered.
‘s first mention that there is a 1.6-liter 90-horsepower and 180 Nm of torque that has a five-speed manual transmission.  For those who want more brio and more readily when starting from a standstill, there is also a 2.0-liter six-speed manual transmission. This engine is available in two versions: a 128-horsepower and 320 Nm and 163 horsepower and 340 Nm  Another factor related to the mileage that the vehicle has to support autonomy is precisely the same as for the 2.0 up to 1250 km with the tank with a maximum capacity of 80 liters. Finally we come to talk about the debut : in the showroom of Toyota vehicles, we will find the ProAce by the end of next year and deliveries will begin a few months after themselves, but also by the end of the year.

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