Citycar 2012: Prices and Models on the Market

Citycar 2012: Prices and Models on the Market

It’s the car segment that must reconcile minimum dimensions with appropriate resources, are the supermini 2012 , models vocation purely town and cost of ownership. Offer which seem the market is wide and varied, there is room for supermini most chic and equipped for the whole substance and few frills, with list prices starting at very competitive figures but can cost the average car. Let’s see what is the view of the supermini 2012, with the best-selling models in recent months.

A clarification is a must: the cars counted in the supermini category and listed below are cars with less than 3 meters length and 70 cm , we have excluded the proposals badged Dacia Sandero which offered the euro in 7350, as a supermini price exceeds 4 meters in length, considered as a segment B. All prices shown do not take into account any current promotions , referring to the official regulations.

Citycar 2012: Models

In strict order of sales in the month of August, one of the most popular models in Italy are the first two places the Fiat Panda and the Fiat 500 , followed by the Smart Fortwo , Ford Fiesta , Hyundai i10 , Peugeot 107 , Volkswagen up ! , Toyota Yaris , Chevrolet Spark , Kia Picanto , Renault Twingo , Citroen C1 , Seat Mii , Skoda Citigo and Suzuki Alto . Let’s look at each of these cars, analyzing strengths and weaknesses, as well as the price.

The Fiat Panda recently presented coexists with the previous version, still in the catalog. A major gap separating the two models of design, comfort and attention to detail. The Fiat Panda II series starts at € 9,000 List, with the 1.2 engine from 69 hp, while the new Panda is positioned around € 12,000. New Fiat Panda on the most recent is the adoption of twin engine turbo engine, also available with dual petrol and methane, while the bi-fuel petrol and lpg proposal is still with the same naturally aspirated 1.2 of the previous series, waiting for the arrival of 900 cc turbo.

In second place is the Fiat 500 , supermini in size, but a vocation very chic, all highlighted by the strike price. The Fiat 500 1.2 69 horses start from 11,850 € 17,250 € and you will get a special dell’allestimento By Gucci. The engine range offered by the Fiat 500 TwinAir twin-cylinder turbo ranging from 85 hp to 100 hp naturally aspirated millequattro. The only diesel available is 1 .3 Multijet II 95 hp. The 500 is certainly fashionable car, with very compact dimensions (3.55 m long, as the old Panda and less of the last series of historic Turin). Little space, also for luggage with just 185 liters available.

Two-seater, automatic transmission, rear-wheel drive and 270 cm in length. Unique numbers, numbers of Smart Fortwo . Available with either the engine 3 cylinder diesel and petrol, has a list that starts from 10,380 euro, those necessary for the less powerful Smart Available: 1 liter engine, naturally aspirated, 61 horses. The other two alternatives to gasoline, always very frugal in consumption, respectively have a power of 71 and 84 horses, in the latter case about the turbocharger. Less than a liter displacement diesel engine, only 800 cubic inches and 54 horsepower at a price starting from € 12,679 in construction Pure.

The Ford Ka shares many elements with the Fiat 500, while offering higher dimensions. Three meters and 62 centimeters guarantee a trunk wider, from 224 liters. The list shows the Ford Ka 1.2 8-valve 69 hp at 10,250 euro, while the 1.3-liter diesel engine 75 hp (basically the same used by the Fiat Multijet) comes to cost € 11,750 with the standard equipment. The assault of the Korean brands also comes between the city car, where until a few years ago was synonymous with low prices but not excellent quality. Try to disprove this equation the Hyundai i10 , also focusing on the dual fuel petrol-LPG. What was once the Hyundai Atos, i10 becomes, with prices starting at 8,850 Euros for the four-cylinder 1.1 from 69 horses. Newer, however, the three-cylinder BlueDrive thousand with the same power, offered to 11,800 euro. The Hyundai i10 Blue Drive LPG costs € 10,350 and is offered with four-cylinder gasoline engine 1.1. It ‘a car close to the concept Fiat Panda, with a high driving position, as the overall height, for example greater than the Ka: 154 cm.

A single speech can be made for the Peugeot 107 , Citroen C1 and Toyota Aygo, simply because they are the exact same car. The most sold in August 2012 was the Peugeot 107, three feet and 44 inches long, has only one petrol engine you can rely on, the three-cylinder thousand to 68 horses. Prices start at 9,750 Euros for the three-door version, but without even the electric windows, and come to € 13,500 in the five-door layout Superga. Decent performance, an engine that drinks very little and is among the most modern in the category of petrol supermini.

The Toyota Aygo , compared with the same technical equipment, have list prices that start at 10,650 euro and 12,550 euro to arrive. Finally, the least sold the three sisters, the Citroen C1 , the one with the lower list, since the euro by 9450 and reach 12,400 euro. On all models is available automatic transmission, instead of the traditional 5-speed gearbox.

Another trio of sisters is inaugurated by the Volkswagen up! , first on the Italian market, closely followed by the Seat Mii and Skoda Citigo. It has a little ‘disappointed expectations of Germany, since it was supposed to collide directly with the Panda. Italy’s less than 10 cm long, is placed on the size of the Fiat 500, with 3 and 54 meters in length and a luggage compartment of 251 liters. A single-engine, two power levels. The strike price is made on the Volkswagen up! 1.0 from 60 horses offered at 9,750 euro. The top of the range reaches € 13,500 thousand from the engine with 75 horsepower and 5-door body. It ‘available automatic transmission ASG, while the performance is pretty lively, with one thousand to 75 hp with a speed of 171 times and does the zero-percent in 13.2 seconds. Consumption always less than 6 liters per 100 kilometers in the city.

With the Skoda Citigo will save a few hundred euro, since the price from 9090 €, while not ever exceed 12,000 Euros, with the top of the range Skoda Citigo Elegance 5-door (1.0 75 hp) to 11,910 euro. Finally, the up! sauce in Spanish, that is, the Seat Mii . A Martorrell the price starts from 9300 euro to get to 11,550 euro. Same engines, bodywork and equipment of the other two supermini.

Now called the Chevrolet Spark , was once the Daewoo Matiz. Other times, other quality. The small of U.S. brand has made a quantum leap in design, pleasant, while the engines mark a little ‘pace. The Spark 1.0 with the 4-cylinder 68 hp thousand to € 9,175 costs, for the more powerful 1.2-liter 81 hp must pay 12,425 euro. Both displacements, then, are declined in bi-fuel petrol-LPG version, with prices starting from € 10,685. Does not shine in any way for fuel efficient, as the city given by the 6.6 liter per 100 kilometers of the Spark 1.0 68 hp and reaches the 8.7-liter version with LPG engine of 1 liter.

The other Korean counts in segment A is the Kia Picanto . A completely new model introduced a few years ago, can offer two petrol engines, a thousand and milledue, respectively with 69 and 86 horses. Very low power consumption, between 5.4 and 5.8 liters per 100 kilometers in the city cycle. Available with both 3 and 5-door body, prices start at € 9,800 (Kia Picanto 1.0 5 doors Easy) to 12,805 euro (Kia Picanto 1.2 85 horses Fun).

Occupies the last positions in the ranking of sales, the Renault Twingo , probably the model that marks a new era for the city car. The protagonist of a redesign last year, the Twingo sails as equipment dated now, waiting for the new model that will have many points in common with the Smart Fortwo. Three meters and 69 centimeters in length, is the “largest” of the city car, but the trunk stops 230 liters. Proposal with both petrol and diesel engine, also has two versions pepper, and the Gordini RS. Prices start from € 10,950 for the Twingo 1.2 75 horses Wave (6.7 litres/100 km in the city) with the top of the range divided in half between the Twingo RS 1.6 from 133 horses and the diesel version 1.5 75 cv Etoile: 14,550 euro per both. Interestingly, 1.2 TCE turbo engine from the Twingo Gordini 102 hp with 155 Nm of torque, as well as more millecinque dCi 8 valves for particularly low fuel consumption: 4.1 liters of gasolio/100 km in the city.

The review of the best selling supermini in August ends with the Suzuki Alto . The Japanese starting at just € 7965 with 1 liter gasoline engine and 68 horses, and rising to € 12,480 LPG version of Alto 1.0 Glx 5-door. Reduced size in 3 meter and 50 cm in length, with a trunk really micro: 129 liter capacity. Consumption in the city ranging between 5.5 liters per 100 km of the thousand three-cylinder petrol engine, up to 7.7 liters of LPG version.

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